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You suggested loading the latest Phidget 2.2 driver in order to run the latest version of Artisan. That worked, however it introduced a lot of noise into my RoR curve. You, as well as someone else who emailed me off list, suggested the issue is with the driver and not Artisan so I went back to previous versions of both Artisan and the Phidget driver (2.1) and all is well again.

It actually says on the Phidget site that if using Artisan, the older Phidget 2.1 driver should be used so it seems they’re aware of compatibility issues.


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On Nov 18, 2017, at 11:08 AM, Marko Luther <> wrote:

On 18. Nov 2017, at 07:22, Dan Coplan <> wrote:

Sorry for the late reply but I only just now had time to get back to my roaster.

So yes, updating to Phidget v22 seems to have corrected the problem and I roasted just fine.


However, my RoR curve was incredibly noisy - more than I’ve ever seen. Sample image attached. Compare this to a roast I did prior to updating the software and Phidget driver (also attached). Note: I intentionally turn smoothing off so my reference is not to the ‘jaggies’ but to the intensity of them.

Wouldn't say "incredibly" here. Saw worse..

Could this be the software update or some other fluke?

Yep, this might be related to the new Phidgets driver that might run the hardware at a different (lower) sampling rate by default to save (USB) energy. I did not experience a big difference on my setup, but I also switched at the same time to the VINT devices for testing. Could also be that you simply increased the sampling rate within Artisan which usually has a similar effect. I would not worry to much on this as with some smoothing on the Artisan side the difference should disappear.



On Oct 25, 2017, at 10:53 PM, Marko Luther <> wrote:

From Artisan v1.2 on you need to install the Phidgets v22 driver for your operating system <>. All previous versions of Artisan require the older Phidgets v21 driver <>. Luckily, both driver versions can be installed in parallel without any conflict.

Note that Artisan v1.2 is still in beta test. However, the Phidget 1048 is known to work as expected with the correct driver installed.

Please report back if the installation of the v22 Phidgets driver resolved the issue for you.

On 26. Oct 2017, at 07:14, Dan Coplan <> wrote:

Never had a problem with Artisan until now. Getting an error that says “Exception: PHIDGET1048temperature() too many values to unpack (expected 2)@line 33841.

My ET and BT probes are both reading 3 degrees.



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Yes Artisan does support Windows 7.

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Can anyone tell me if the current version of Artisan still works with Widows 7? If not is there a place I can download an older version?

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