The "scan for ports" button is gone in the recent version and has been integrated into the popup. On opening the popup the scan for ports is done automatically. If you cannot see the port for your device, your USB2serial driver is not correctly installed, or you have a driver conflict.

The factory USB2serial driver cable of the Omega is based on the FTDI. On El Capitan you don't need to install an FTDI driver as it is integrated by Apple into the system. However, if you did instal the FTDI driver, both drivers might conflict.

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On 14.06.2016, at 06:32, Wes Griffin <> wrote:

Hi there,

I am having trouble getting Artisan to recognize my Omega HH506RA. The HH506RA is hooked up to my computer with a USB cable. I use a 2015 Macbook pro with OS El Capitan and have followed the installation instructions found on

While attempting to configure the serial port number, I realized that there is no "Scan for Ports" button as shown in the installation instructions. How can I figure out which comm port to use?


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