Might be a permision problem. The account you run Artisan on might not be allowed to write to that device.
See: http://wiki.ultimaker.com/FTDI_Driver_installation (at the end of the page).
# sudo chmod 666 /dev/cu.usbserial-FTFKDA5O
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Betreff: [Artisan-user] Help Linux + Artisan 0.6 + Amprobe TMD56: Serial exception: Unable to open serial port
Hello everybody,

In case this additional information can help identifying the problem.
I installed Artisan 6 on Debian (instead of Ubuntu originally) on the
same laptop and I get an identical problem with my Amprobe TMD56:
Serial exception: Unable to open serial port

(1) Is there a log or configuration document that I could post to help
troubleshooting the problem?
(2) Is there a terminal tool or command to monitor the in/out traffic
with Amprobe logger?
(3) Is there anything I need to do to the TMD logger other than
setting channel to 0, plugging to usb and turning on???

Thank you for your help.

Best regards.

Pascal Prado.

Le 13-09-16 à 18:09, Pascal Prado a écrit :

>> Hi Marko,
>> Thanks for your reply. With the Amprobe plugged in and turned on,
>> if I select FTFKDA5O then click OK the message is:
>> "Serial Port Setting: /dev/cu.usbserial-FTFKDA5O, 19200, 8, E, 1, 1"
>> If I click ON then I get the following error message:
>> "Serial Exception: Unable to open serial port"
>> Amprobe shows 2 temperatures (in C) but Artisan display shows zero.
>> Artisan plot graph scale seems to be configured (default) to F but
>> I don't think this should be an issue anyway. Is there another test
>> I could do to help figure what the serial port issue is?
>> Thanks for your help & best regards from Montreal.
>> Pascal.
>> Le 13-09-16 à 03:03, Marko Luther a écrit :
>>> Pascal,
>>> you discovered a typo in a very old standard software lib.
>>> However, that exception should not harm as you FTDI based device
>>> is correctly added as first entry to your ports list. Select that
>>> one and ignore the error for now (will be fixed in the next
>>> version).
>>> So what's now the issue? Does Artisan retrieve temperatures from
>>> the meter or is there any other error reported?
>>> Marko
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>>> On 16.09.2013, at 04:42, pepelepoisson <pepelepoisson@gmail.com>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Hello everybody,
>>>> This is my first post to this list. I'm new to Artisan and am
>>>> experiencing difficulties to configure my Amprobe TMD56 with
>>>> Ubuntu. I
>>>> was wondering if somebody has a similar setup and could help???
>>>> My configuration is: Acer Aspire 5610 + Ubuntu 12.04 LTS +
>>>> Artisan 0.6
>>>> French version + Amprobe TMD56 with USB cable. I followed the
>>>> installation instructions to set the channel and ID to 000 and
>>>> 000 on
>>>> the logger. I didn't install the FTDI driver because I red that
>>>> it is
>>>> included in the Ubuntu package by default (and I don't know how to
>>>> install it - do I ned to compile the C code myself????). The driver
>>>> seems to work anyway because something is detected when I plug the
>>>> logger to any usb plug and type "dmesg | grep FTDI".
>>>> In Artisan, I selected Amprobe TMD56. On the configuration page, if
>>>> the Amprobe is plugged in, I get the following error message when
>>>> clicking "scan ports": "Exception: scanforport(): global name
>>>> 'base'
>>>> is not defined @ line 20246". After that, I have the following two
>>>> choices in the port drop down menu but none is working:
>>>> /dev/cu.usbserial-FTKDA5O
>>>> /dev/ttyS31
>>>> Is there a problem with the driver or some setting in Artisan that
>>>> should be changed? I've no clue yet. Could anybody help with
>>>> this????
>>>> Thank you very much for your time.
>>>> Pascal
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